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Looking for property? Then seriously stop what you’re doing and contact Brittany Winter right now. She is attentive, responsive, and ON IT. I am so glad she was my agent. From the first moment I reached out to Bristlecone Realty Group, Brittany was already getting to know my wants and needs for my property search. And no, she didn’t just send an email with search results — she checked in periodically, answered my questions, and addressed my concerns. She knows the area, and she knows her stuff! She provided some really great insight during this process (we were discussing surveying and perc testing), and that’s added value you just can’t find anywhere else. She was there for me every step of the way, from start to closing, making sure everything was in order and on time. And it didn’t matter that I was only interested in land (and we’re not talking huge amounts of money here); she was invested in my success all the same. That’s one of the many reasons I recommend her and her services fully.