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6 Reasons to Reduce Your Home Price

By: G. M. Filisko Published: March 19, 2010 While you'd like to get the best price for your home, consider our six reasons to reduce your home price. Home not selling? That could happen for a number of reasons you can't control, li...

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6 Tips for Choosing the Best Offer for Your Home

By: G. M. Filisko Published: February 10, 2010 Have a plan for reviewing purchase offers so you don't let the best slip through your fingers. You’ve worked hard to get your home ready for sale and to price it properly. With any l...

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Do’s and Don’ts of Homebuyer Incentives

By: G. M. Filisko Published: September 1, 2010 Homebuyer incentives can be smart marketing or a waste of money. Find out when and how to use them. Be sure you’re sending the right message to buyers when you throw in a homebuyer i...

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7 Tips for Staging Your Home

By: G. M. Filisko Published: March 19, 2010 Make your home warm and inviting to boost your home’s value and speed up the sale process. The first step to getting buyers to make an offer on your home is to impress them with its app...

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Smart Options: Basement Flooring

By: Rich Binsacca Published: December 13, 2009 Keeping your basement dry and free of condensation is key to installing the basement flooring of your choice. Although moisture problems can be a concern for basement finishes, there a...

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Installing a Spa on Your Deck

By: Dave Toht Published: August 23, 2016 Evaluate the cost of purchasing, installing, and maintaining an outdoor spa to decide if it’s a worthwhile addition to your deck. Hot tubs and spas come in an array of shapes and sizes, an...

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Extend the Outdoor
Living Season

By: Jan Soults Walker Published: October 3, 2011 Make an outdoor living area comfy long after the sun sets or the leaves turn with outdoor lighting, a patio heater, and a glowing firepit or portable fireplace. Light the Deck or Patio ...

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